Day 115 – Kaikoura to Picton

Today has been good. Despite starting in some wet weather, the ride felt relatively short and I’ve now finished the South Island. I’m hopping on a ferry (which may well be delayed) tomorrow and then spending the afternoon in Wellington – so I won’t be riding tomorrow.

Today has offered some pretty stunning scenery. Some points not too dissimilar to the Brecon Beacons and other parts bore resemblance to the Great Ocean Road – so there’s a fair bit of diversity.

This evening has once again been good and it feels weird knowing that I don’t have to get on my bike tomorrow. This four day stretch between breaks is the shortest of the whole trip. (And will likely stay that way). This evening I got asked for ID when ordering a beer… this is the first time since leaving London that that’s happened, so considering I now have a beard, I was a tad surprised. Mind you, I’ll be in the States soon and I won’t even be allowed to drink there (not that will affect me too much)

Distance: 97.8miles / 157.4km
Riding Time: 6:41:27
Av. Speed: 14.6mph / 23.5kph

3 Replies to “Day 115 – Kaikoura to Picton”

  1. Enjoy Wellington (my home town). I hope the weather is kind to you. There was huge flooding in Dunedin after you’d been through – I’m sure nothing to do with you (or Huw)…


  2. Hey Tom, I trust you explained to said bar person that you have more than earned that drink, in fact I think I might pop out for what we call a cheeky one tonight and toast your continued success, enjoy your boat trip.


  3. Hi Thomas. Glad you’ve enjoyed the South Island. I was hoping that my friend Tracey who lives in Dunedin would have been able to help in some way but she has been away. Your paths must have crossed as she has just got back from Kaikora. She says the flooding in Dunedin has been the worst for 100 years and the whole section is under a foot of water and has no power. You must have known as your itinerary said you were due to fly into Dunedin on 4th June which is today. She sends her apologies but thinks what you are doing is so cool.


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