Day 109 – Armidale to Tenterfield

My knee felt much better today. This probably had something to do with the ibruprofen, but either way, it has improved.

I’m feeling significantly more tired this evening than I have done over the last few days so I think a 7 1/2 hour sleep is necessary (more would be better but I’ve already missed my chance for that). So I will keep this short.

Today was hilly again (surprise surprise). It turns out I’m actually riding through a bit of a mountain range so I probably should have expected a few hills. Anyway, one more day of it tomorrow, then a short day into Brisbane on Saturday.

I’m now quite close to Bald Rock, which is (according to a local) the second largest rock in the Southern Hemisphere behind Uluru. He also claimed that it was far more interesting than Uluru, but having looked on Google images, I’m not so sure.

Distance: 117.6 miles / 189.1 km
Riding Time: 8:59:55
Av. Speed: 13.1 mph / 21.0 kph

5 Replies to “Day 109 – Armidale to Tenterfield”

  1. Short day Tom, look no matter where you are in the world 24hrs exist, at least that is my understanding, no doubts I will have got that wrong. I shudder to imagine what you rate as a short day, but I am pretty certain it’s still going to be a ride that most of us reading your blog can only dream of, well done matey Australia almost conquered.


  2. I’m fascinated, for some obscure reason, as to how the whole process of transporting your bike by plane works, Tom. Your mum told me about your bike box, and about having to move it from where you land, to where you’re flying out of the country. So if you can drop in any comments in your blog about how it works, picking the box up from wherever you have it sent, packing of it, and how careful (or not!) the airlines are with it, I’d love to know.


  3. Hi Tom,
    Great work! And nearly done in Oz. If the planets align I am hoping to meet you on the road a couple of hours out from Indooroopilly. Would you be able to post your route into Brisbane tonight?
    Cheers and good luck


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