Day 101 – Bairnsdale to Cann River

First and foremost I need to say a huge thank you to Steve, Leanne, and Sam for looking after me yesterday (and much of the last week in Steve’s case). I had a brilliant day off and I managed to get what was probably the longest sleep I’ve had since living in London. I also saw my first koala (and yes Chris, bats as well) which was very exciting.

Today was a bit different. After relaxing so much yesterday, I found myself riding in completely the wrong mindset. The first few hours did not pass quickly and the situation was not helped by the rain – which stayed for the majority of the day. Speaking to some locals after about 30 kilometres, they told me the rain would move on… they were right; the problem was that I did as well.

Looking back, I really don’t remember much of today. It’s a bit odd but kilometres 40 to 80 seem to have fallen out of my head. I know it was wet though.

Today ended up being one of the hilliest days I’ve had since Europe. In fact it was probably in the top five of the whole trip which came as a bit of a surprise. Having looked at the ride profile beforehand, I knew the day had a bit of up and down but I think it’s fair to say that I underestimated it slightly.

I’ll be heading north soon, so hopefully the weather will start improving…

Distance: 104.8 miles / 168.5 km
Riding Time: 7:59:50
Av. Speed: 13.1 mph / 21.1 kph

2 Replies to “Day 101 – Bairnsdale to Cann River”

  1. Tom, your middle paragraph pretty much sums up my day, but I have an excuse we are away on the Costa, I was thinking if you this morning as I did my shorter ride, it’s very hilly, and steep I actual say its mountainous but probably not in your positioning of things. Great ride all the same, my mate who is staying with us and his wife, bottled it so I was on my own. So when you consider my little effort thus morning, then excuse for a few beers this afternoon, and yet you remained disciplined like a true professional, good on you. I will be back out tomorrow trying to be good and cycle with my mind.


  2. well done for doing the first 100 Tom

    i am now heading south of Perth probably following in your foot (pedal?) steps – getting a lot colder here so hope you have better results on the heat front in the east – still not seen any wildlife alive so i reckon you are charmed in that respect – what has Chris got against Bats?


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