Day 85 – Nullabor to Nundroo

After an 8 hour sleep, I woke up feeling better than I have since Perth. Which considering I was having trouble eating last night, was a very nice surprise.

The ride started where I left off yesterday and the first 2 hours riding into the wind were hard. After that, the road changed direction and by the end of the day, the wind was pretty much behind me.

Any stress that had been built up throughout the morning instantly vanished and I was back up to normal speeds.

Finishing today I felt fresh. Despite still riding 90-odd miles and having very little in the way of lunch, I felt as if I’d only done a warm up and could’ve gone on a long way. I’m hoping the wind stays in my favour tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be able to finish the Nullarbor on a high.

That’s all really – it’s been a good day. As a side note, I’ve heard that some people would like to know what the scenery is like… Well just imagine looking at absolutely nothing for miles and miles and you’ll probably come up with an image more interesting than what I’ve faced. That being said, the monotony makes it easier to ‘zone-out’ whilst riding which is a good thing (although having a headwind does the opposite).

And finally, in case I forget, good luck to Battersea Ironsides in the national cup final at Twickenham on Sunday.  Great achievement just to get there.
Distance: 89.4 miles / 143.7 km

Riding Time: 6:27:50

Av. Speed: 13.8 mph / 22.2 kph

3 Replies to “Day 85 – Nullabor to Nundroo”

  1. Sara thinks I should be more ‘helpful’. Don’t all your rides start where you left off yesterday?
    Just a thought…


  2. Tom, I think that’s 2 day 84 you have had, now I know you are up for he record, but you can’t keep hiding these extra days in the hopes that nobody will notice. Having said that knowing my complete inability to work these blog things it could simply be that I have misread the sequence of events, which is likely the case. I was in York early this morning, very early actually and I was chatting to the young lady behind the cafe bar and telling her about your venture, she was completely blown away, this really is something incredibly special you are undertaking, with you all the way, wish I could keep up.


    1. No flies on you Fraser! Thanks for pointing out the mistake – corrected now.
      Thanks too for spreading the word country-wide – sorry we can’t pay you as Tom’s publicity agent but you are doing a great job.


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