Day 80 – Norseman to Balladonia

After adding about 4 kilos in food and water to my bike my confidence, when I set off, wasn’t exactly sky-high. Having said that, I was looking forward to the Nullarbor in a weird way. For so long it’s been a place I thought I’d never reach and now I’m here it’s all a bit surreal.

The day has pretty much gone as expected…. A very long road with not all that much to talk about. I had a headwind for 80% of it, but I won’t dwell on that.

The highlight of the day came when an emu decided it wanted a race. There I was cycling along, minding my own business, and after hearing something in the bushes, I looked to my right to see an emu running alongside me. I’m not entirely sure what it was doing, but it stayed with me for about a minute and it seemed to be in a bit of a hurry. I must say, I was impressed by how fast it was. So a word of warning; if an emu ever decides to chase you and you don’t have a bike or a car – you’re in trouble.

I’m now staying at Balladonia which is actually very civilised and has pretty much everything I could need. So for anyone else planning a trip across the Nullarbor – this is a good place to stop.

Distance: 118.9miles / 191.3km
Riding Time: 8:50:33
Av. Speed: 13.4mph / 21.6kph

4 Replies to “Day 80 – Norseman to Balladonia”

  1. I wonder how you keep your mind and head focussed on these long stretches of not very much time to stop and take in your surroundings, must be extremely challenging mentality as much as physically. I suppose it’s one of those things where you simply have to be there doing it to even begin to understand and your body and mind adapt to the situation, clever really. Like the Emu story, would have made a hilarious video clip.


    1. Hi Fraser, not sure Tom will have chance to reply for a while because of lack of reception etc. But he did tell us yesterday that he got his phone out to film the Emu race and cycled one handed for the duration – only to find he’d forgotten to press the start button for filming: idiot!

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  2. This felt like a long road when I did it in a car (albeit in the other direction) so can’t imagine what it was like on a bike.


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