Day 78 – Ravensthorpe to Esperance

I’m aiming for an early night tonight, so I’m afraid this is going to be extremely short.

The weather was cold, dull and occasionally wet and all this made for a very uninteresting day. (In terms of writing about it anyway). I also had a very strong headwind for much of it, so it wasn’t always easy.

Reaching Esperance feels like a bit of a milestone and it felt good to get to the finish. Tomorrow should be my last day before I reach the Nullarbor Plain, hence why I’m hoping to catch up on a bit of sleep.

Nothing else of note happened today, however some of the road names have provided some amusement. My favourite so far is ‘Rabbit Proof Fence Road’.

Anyway, that’s all for now (apologies).  Maybe something interesting will happen tomorrow.

Distance: 115.7miles / 186.2km
Riding Time: 8:22:08
Av. Speed: 13.8mph / 22.3kph

3 Replies to “Day 78 – Ravensthorpe to Esperance”

  1. With a population of 9,919 (9,920 including you) there are roughly 8,560 more people in Espernace than in Ravensthorpe.
    I bet it’s buzzing.
    It rains, on average, 10.5 days during April. So much for a desert!
    The good news is that the record low for the month is 5.5 degrees and the minimum forecast tonight is 14 degrees (unfortunately just when you will be getting up).
    Assuming that you are riding north tomorrow morning, the wind should be with you.
    Ride safely.


  2. There was an Australian film a few years ago called Rabbit Proof Fence about three aboriginal girls who escape from quasi slavery and reach home by following the rabbit proof fence. So these fences do exist, hence the name of your road.


  3. The Nullarbor may be flat and hot, but the views from the Eyre highway over the Great Australian Bight are truly stunning. Guess you’ll be there in a couple of days. Hope you get time to see and enjoy them.


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