Day 76 – Denmark to Boxwood Hill

Over the course of this trip I have discovered that any plans I make in the evening very rarely materialise. This morning for instance – I had set the alarm for 5am and had half hoped that I’d be able to get going at about 6.15… I didn’t leave until nearly 7.00am.

This morning was cold again (maybe it’s not just Pemberton) and there was a very thick mist for the first hour and a half. However once it cleared, it revealed some more stunning scenery; and also allowed me to spot my first Kookaburra. At about 60 km I made it to Albany and I owe a big thank you to Jen who bought me a much needed cooked breakfast.   Thank you Jen!

The next 80km didn’t go by that fast and I found myself thinking of the finish (which is saying a lot because I’m staying in a tent).

Upon arriving in Wellstead (160km), I met a very friendly roadhouse owner – originally from Aberystwyth – who had heard about me on Albany radio earlier that afternoon. After a brief chat, I was in a better mood and was able to enjoy the final 20 kilometres through some more rather picturesque scenes.

Upon finishing, I found somewhere to camp next to a roadhouse (so I have a toilet) and set about making a camp. Unfortunately I have done so on top of an ants’ nest so I’m not overly pleased about that. I haven’t really enjoyed my evening in my tiny quarters and apart from the spiders, the toilet is almost a more appealing place to sleep… It’s definitely warmer for one thing.

I realise that this update is not going to win me any writing prizes but quite frankly I can’t be bothered to do anything to change that. I will leave it on a positive note though – the stars are quite nice.

Distance: 110 miles / 178 km

Riding Time: 7:36:46

Av. Speed: 14.6 mph / 23.5 kph

3 Replies to “Day 76 – Denmark to Boxwood Hill”

  1. Great news about the wildlife…good to hear that you are almost luke warm about the species list!!! You obviously have been doing too much cycling with your dad…5 star hotels, the odd chateau…missed out on all the fun of sleeping on ants nests, the subtle delicate dripple of water onto the nose in the morning from the moist interior face of the canvas…bliss, I cannot think of anywhere I would rather be than in southern Oz, with a tent and some locally sourced food…dig up some Murnong tubers, with a few Witchetty grubs as a side order…you lucky bugger….enjoy your day tomorrow….today…now…in a bit…whatever time it is where you are.


  2. Thomas, great work today, well done. Hope you have a spider free night and a good day tomorrow. Watch out for those Road Trains. They don’t debate the width of the road. Go well. Will.


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