Day 73 – Perth to Bunbury

The last couple of days in Perth have been amazing and I need to start by thanking Damian, Lily, Jack, George, Lila and Annabel. I’ve had a brilliant time.

Australia really has been great so far and the welcome I’ve received from pretty much everyone has been unprecedented. Perth has been added to a surprisingly short list of places I’d like to go back to.

Getting back on the bike today was great too. The weather was sunny and the temperature was ideal. Riding the first 90km with someone else also made the time pass even quicker than normal and the coastal road helped as well. Basically today – and the last few days – have been great. And now I need to go to bed to make sure that doesn’t dramatically change in the morning (I really need to get back into a habit of writing this earlier).

And in case anyone was wondering if I’d seen any Kangaroos… I have – unfortunately for him, he was more of an ex-kangaroo!

Distance: 117.9 miles / 189.7 km
Riding Time: 7:17:54
Av. Speed: 16.2 mph / 26.0 kph

3 Replies to “Day 73 – Perth to Bunbury”

  1. Hey Tom
    Welcome to Australia.
    Hopefully Celia has given you my contact details but if you have any problems and need someone ‘local’, which is a funny concept in a country as big as Oz, give me a call.
    Loving following your journey.
    And watch out for the spiders and snakes. Nasty buggers here!


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