Day 56 – Kyaikto to Hpa-An

Today started off well. It has got slightly more humid each morning as I’ve headed south and today it was noticeable. It’s still not too bad but I suspect it’ll become more and more prominent as I head into Thailand.

The day passed pretty easily once again and I was finished before the main heat of the day. The only thing that really stood out from today was meeting a crazy woman. She was driving along next to me and kept speaking in a language I didn’t understand. She then asked me to pull over and I think she was asking to put my bike on the back of her scooter. I’m not sure whether she was asking to steal it or whether she was offering a lift but either way, I declined with a smile. She stopped me again 200 metres up the road but this time; instead of gesturing to pull over, she just braked in front of me. She then proceeded to hand me an laminated A4 picture of two random women. One of which may or may not have been her… It comes close to the weirdest thing I’ve ever been given.

I’m now staying in Hpa-An, which clearly attracts quite a lot of tourists. For once I don’t feel like such a novelty when walking around. I think most things to see and do are some way out of town though so I haven’t actually had an overly interesting afternoon, although it is now chucking it down outside and that is the first rain I have seen in about 3 weeks I think.

It’s my last day in Myanmar tomorrow (if all goes to plan) – not yet sure if I’m sad to leave or excited to move on. Apart from the one day, it’s been great. Looking forward to Thailand though.

Sorry this update has been short; I’m tired…

Distance: 72.7 miles / 117 km
Riding Time: 5:06:42
Av. Speed: 14.2 mph / 22.9 kph

5 Replies to “Day 56 – Kyaikto to Hpa-An”

  1. Oh dear Tom, look you are a good looking fit young man, obviously the lady was merely attempting to look after your interests, just keep pedalling matey and look the other way.


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