Day 54 – Phyu to Pyinpongyi (Moyingyi Lake)

Today started early and with only a couple of cereal bars for breakfast I was glad of a shorter day ahead of me.

Once riding I felt good, the wind was fairly light and the air was cool. Both of these changed as time went by but I stopped regularly so the heat was manageable and with less than 100 miles to ride I wasn’t bothered by the speed.

I didn’t have a choice when it came to the distance as I’ve stopped in the only place for a fair way, but yesterday evening it was nice to know today wouldn’t be as long – regardless of what the wind did.

I didn’t sleep much last night; it took me about a hour to get to sleep despite being exhausted and I woke up every hour or so thinking I needed to get going. I eventually did so at 5am but still didn’t get on the bike until a bit after 6:30.

The day passed easily considering the headwind and nothing exciting really happened.

My accommodation for the night is nice. Not luxurious, but it’s a ‘wetlands resort’ and I’m in a little hut, shaped like a boat and the whole afternoon has been really relaxing. The only downside is that I’ve been ripped off on the price which I’m still a bit annoyed with myself about. I managed to get it down a bit, but haggling for the only accommodation within 20 miles after riding 75 miles is something I am yet to perfect.

The water for my shower had been heated by the sun and I would not have wanted it any hotter. I’m not quite sure how I often ended up with a freezing shower in India when they could have done the same thing.

For food this afternoon and evening I was given a choice of fried rice with chicken, fried noodles with chicken, and fried something else with chicken. I opted for two of the rice and one of noodles (not all at the same time). That now means that I have had chicken or pork with fried rice 7 times in the last four days; occasionally it has a fried egg on top.

Other things to note: apparently my ‘resort’ is an ideal spot for birdwatchers. There are pictures of birds to look out for dotted around everywhere… Unfortunately the most exotic thing I’ve seen is a crow.

Not sure what tomorrow holds yet. It will depend on the wind. I have a stop 127 miles away which is my last place to stop in Myanmar (Burma) until the border a full day away. This basically means I have to stop there, so I’m as of yet unsure whether I’ll get there tomorrow or if I will take two shorter days. At the moment I suspect the latter.

Last thing to mention is that it’s Milan – San Remo today… And I’d like to point out that I got there almost 2 months ago… These pros are slacking

A short one:
Distance: 72miles / 117km
Riding Time: 5:28:16
Av. Speed: 13.3mph / 21.5kph

5 Replies to “Day 54 – Phyu to Pyinpongyi (Moyingyi Lake)”

  1. Shame Geraint Thomas couldn’t hang on in the Milan-San Remo! Meanwhile, good luck with the rest of Myanmar- loving your posts!

    Adam Fox +44(0)7775866967



  2. Well done, keep developing those negotiation skills. well done on the bird species list…you are up to 3 by my calculation…you need to get Huw to bring you out a (small) pair of binos. Sian says drink lots of electrolytes to stop the cramps…you are obviously sweating a lot!!!!


  3. Tom, I believe it was San Marino that the Katusha guys were first seen in public wearing our Elite Pro in the Goldenrod and Alexandra Christoff came in first. Don’t worry about the Rice, soon you will be in the land of Oz when burgers will be the order of the day. Glad you seem to have recovered again. Cheers Fraser


  4. Thomas, still following you avidly at home! Keeping our fingers crossed that the menu might change for you tonight… I hope you have wonderful time with the family in Thailand. We’ll be following you from Chamonix over the next 2 weeks.
    Much love The Smiths x


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