Day 50 – Balasore to Panskura – End of Leg 2

Indian leg done! Over 4000 kilometres and a fair few curries later, I’ve cycled both coasts of the country. Bed is beckoning, so I’ll quickly cover today, and hopefully manage to write slightly more tomorrow.

This morning started off well. I was in a good mood and was basically just excited to be so close to the end. I didn’t stop much today and probably didn’t eat enough, but this last week has had plenty of big days and despite being ill, my legs handled the distance pretty easily. The ride wasn’t without difficulties though as the first 20 kilometres were dominated by roadworks and yesterday’s headwind had become even stronger. I got a bit frustrated a couple of times but I cheered up every time I thought of the finish. I can’t yet get my head around the fact that a month’s worth of cycling is coming to an end. Doing the whole thing without a day off has been worth it, but it has started to have an effect on my body; my arse and hands are going to be very grateful for a couple of day’s rest. Finishing and seeing my Dad was once again an incredible feeling, but very different from Europe. It’s not easy to describe, but today was more like happiness, rather than relief… although there is definitely an element of that as well.

That’s it from me tonight. I’m shattered. I’m looking forward to a decent breakfast..

Last miles in India:

Distance: 100.43miles / 161.6km

Riding Time: 7:16:50

Av. Speed: 13.8mph / 22.2kph

12 Replies to “Day 50 – Balasore to Panskura – End of Leg 2”

  1. Bloody fantastic Tom, brilliant result. Tom it has dawned on me that you are doing all the work and your dad is having all these jollies, can’t be bad. Looking forward to your next episode. Cheers Fraser


  2. Hey Tom

    Loving reading your updates each morning. It sounds like an amazing journey and I’ve nothing but admiration for your perseverance and the terrific observations that you provide through your daily emails.

    I know you’re not planning to get to Sydney but if you need any help, advice or a contact when you get to Oz, just give me a call.

    Best of luck with the next leg.

    Cheers Sam

    Sam Quinn Mbl +61 (0) 401 991823

    Sent from my iPad Air


    1. Thanks very much! Still seems like a long way away but I really appreciate it. Unfortunately I don’t really know what my timing will be like up to that point. I’ll keep everyone posted though!
      Thanks very much,


  3. Well done Tom! Congratulations on finishing India, I have no doubt how hard that was!! I am really looking forward to you arriving in Australia. I promise you a lovely dinner when you get to Sydney xxx


      1. Haha, yes I have no doubt! however I promise as much food as you need! As well of course you are welcome to stay at ours, as long as you need! we would love to have you to stay but we can discuss details when you get to Perth xx

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations Tom, India sounds like it has been really hard work. Myanmar looks really exciting, I so hope you enjoy it. I love reading your blog, it must be tough finding time to do this every night, but there seem to be loads of us reading it. Keep going, and good luck with the record.


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