Day 43 – Nellore to Chirala

My mood hasn’t really improved since yesterday evening unfortunately. I got very little sleep and at one point woke up to find I had been feasted on by mosquitos. Breakfast consisted of a cold bowl of rice I’d ordered the night before so that was particularly uninspiring.

I was tired pretty much all day but had a slight tailwind for the first couple of hours which helped.

Not much really happened until the last 50 kilometres. Apart from the early helping hand, the wind hadn’t really featured until then. It obviously decided that I’d had it too easy with the flat roads and that a headwind would be perfect. This did not do my mood any favours. All day I’ve been tired and I’m also feeling the effects of the constant attention. When I do stop for something to eat, it’s nice to have a bit of a rest; but often either me or my bike attract a lot of inquisitive locals and I end up leaving even more stressed and weary. This wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t always exactly the same questions. I think I’ve been asked where I’m from at least 30 times a day since setting off from Mumbai.

Anyway, when the headwind hit I was also joined by a man on a motorbike who was even more interested than normal. One problem with having the wind I your face is that it’s really loud.. And it became a bit of an effort when I kept having to ask him to repeat himself.. Especially as all I really wanted was to be able to get my head down. After asking all the generic questions I’d come to expect, he asked me if I spoke Hindi and if I knew the Indian national anthem. I’d have thought it was pretty clear that I did not. Anyway, after telling him that I didn’t, he then proceeded to try and teach me it line by line. This did not last long. Funnily enough, the wind instantly became too loud to even attempt to understand him…

Since arriving at my hotel, I’ve met a very enthusiastic man in charge who’s written to the local press and even planned out my trip for when I return with a fiancé in 5 years time.. I’ve got to make sure I’m here between the 13th and 16th of January so that he can take me to his local town and watch the cock fighting….

In other news, my hands hurt pretty much all day and I think I’ve developed a bit of a blister which is annoying; although having said that, it could well be another mosquito bite. Worse still, I’ve just stubbed my toe extremely hard and it hurts like buggery. India is starting to hit back and I sense that this final week could be a bit of a grind. I’d love to be wrong about that…

Another day down:
Distance: 115.04miles / 185.1km
Riding Time: 7:42:55
Av. Speed: 14.9mph / 24.0kph

5 Replies to “Day 43 – Nellore to Chirala”

  1. Tom, Well done today , great work. Sorry to hear you had a bad breakfast. But if your reputation as a bad tipper precedes you, there may be consequences. Ask yer father how he gets round it.
    As for the incessant questions, just remember you are doing something rather special……..
    Go well , Will.


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