Day 35 – Guruvayoor to Haripad

Today started off fairly average. My legs took a while to wake up and the weather was a bit cloudy. Still hot though and more humid than normal

It improved on both fronts after an hour or so and once again I was pedalling along happily. The half way point came quickly and held another potential ferry trip. Luckily this one wasn’t broken and somehow I managed to get on the right boat (although that may have been a bit lucky). The ferry itself wasn’t actually that exciting and the only real difference to one you could get in Britain was the number of people they fit on it.

The rest of the ride held slightly different scenes. Although I didn’t change state, the surroundings did change. It seemed to become a fair bit more populated for the rest of the day, even though the roads weren’t too busy.

The only setbacks were riding on a road that had been dug up for a couple of kilometres and the pain in my feet. The pain did subside though and I sped through the last 2 hours, almost as if I was on a lightweight bike. The lack of climbing over the last couple of days has done wonders for my average speed.

To be perfectly honest, it has been another fairly uneventful day (at least nothing I haven’t already had happen) and I’m starting to refine my routine a bit better. The evening has held some excitement though. Yesterday I managed to find somewhere that sold hair clippers (for the outrageous price of £7) so today I have shaved my legs! I was undecided as to whether I should or not when thinking about it this morning, but after the amount of grit that got caught on my leg hair today, I opted to go for it. How is it? Well, they’re very smooth and I’m pleased with the definition… I’ll problem spend all day tomorrow admiring them… and then the day after that, cursing how sunburnt they are..

Distance: 104.74miles / 168.6km
Riding Time: 6:44:05
Av. Speed: 15.6mph / 25.0 kph

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