Day 8 – Salon-de-Provence to Fréjus

I want to start by thanking Donald and his lovely wife from the Hotel Select in Salon-de-Provence. Fantastic hospitality and I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone around that area, especially to any cyclists!

Today started fairly well, my knee hurt but it was the first day I didn’t feel the need to wear waterproof trousers. Thankfully the weather lived up to expectations and produced a beautiful day. I had a gentle tailwind for a large portion of the day and I was able to appreciate Provence – which is actually quite nice.

Having Dad with me has been great, not having to worry about where my next meal was coming from or carrying my two rear panniers. Along with the priceless moral support – something I needed after the first week; which has been tough to say the least.

As the day wore on, the pain in my knee decreased and by the last 30km, it had returned to a small niggle on the verge of being unnoticeable. Whether this was down to the massage, the stretching or carrying less weight I’m not sure; but I hope it lasts! For almost the first time on this trip I genuinely really enjoyed riding my bike again and would have happily carried on for a fair bit more. My legs felt good, so it’s nice to know that – apart from my knee – my body’s faring pretty well.

I had thought of taking a rest day tomorrow, I’ve now set that to Monday. Which is good because it will mean I’ve covered France in one go, although it feels good to have gone from the north coast to the south coast already. Riding along most of the French Riviera tomorrow and then on into Italy. I should be able to catch up with emails and stuff then and hopefully get round to uploading a few pictures.

I had another massage today, which was great until she started rubbing my face. I’m not entirely sure what the point in that was.

Dad says, it’ll be a shame to see him go …

Number Crunching:
Distance: 97.08miles / 156.2km
Riding Time: 5:53:14
Av. Speed: 16.5mph / 26.5kph

8 Replies to “Day 8 – Salon-de-Provence to Fréjus”

  1. Nice one Thomas! Really great effort to put France behind you in one block- enjoy the well deserved rest day and in the meantime I hope the knee behaves.


  2. Well done guys, trust dad offered you extra helpings for supper. I am at Silverstone at a 4 day trade show, my other brother travelling from Bude, supposed to be helping me, arrived at 5pm, declaring he got lost, by which time I had done the fetching and carrying, brothers who’d have them. Great to hear your knee issue is seemingly not getting any worse. Happy cycling.


  3. Thomas, I’ve just worked out how to use all this hi tech media and am feeling pretty pleased with myself. We’re really enjoying your blog and living through it from the comfort of our warm dry surrounds. Glad knee is better, weather’s warming up and your Dad’s been pulling his weight! Look forward to hearing about the next Italian stage
    Love Charlotte and the Smiths

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