Day 6 – Sarcey to Le Pouzin

Today was hard.. very hard. Once again the beginning, middle and end varied hugely but I’ll do my best to sum it up quickly – I have a pressing engagement with my bed..

The 1st and 2nd hours were probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done; on or off the bike. It was snowing, it was predominantly uphill and my knee was agony. Before setting off on this trip, people often asked me “do you really think you’ll be able to do it” and I replied with “I’ll walk round if I have to”. I never thought I’d come as close as I did to making that statement true. I had to go to a pretty dark place to get through that and I seriously hope I don’t have to put up with anything like that again.

Anyway, moving onto brighter topics, the next 5 hours passed by easily in comparison. My knee still hurts but the pain eased up enough for me to relax. The rain held off and the scenery also got more interesting. I’d also like to take this time to apologise for the fact that these updates have been less than cheery the last couple of days, and as soon as my sense of humour returns I’ll hopefully be able to add some amusement into them.

I’m being joined by my Dad tomorrow so things are looking up! (including the temperature!)

Statistics and things:

Distance: 101.46miles / 161.7km

Riding Time: 6:51:08

Av. Speed: 14.7mph / 23.5kmh

9 Replies to “Day 6 – Sarcey to Le Pouzin”

  1. Hey Tom, you are a top bloke, and doing amazingly well, love the updates, keep your pecker up, my knee and the rest of my body are hurting just thinking about what you are undertaking. Enjoy your sleep.

    Cheers Fraser

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  2. Hi Thomas I am following your progress every day and despite what you are going through and the pain you are in, you write a great update every day. I am in awe of what you are doing and wish you well. David

    David Keen

    Email: UK Mobile: +44 7590 266061 French Mobile: +33 648803788

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  3. Hi Thomas – I’m very proud of you and you obviously get your inner grit from me (despite what Dad might say – lucky I got my comment in first :).
    Stay strong and I’m impressed with the French speaking. Just a quick brush up of your Italian, Slovenian and Croat required before you start the Albanian lessons.

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  4. Hi Tom Well done! What’s great about this account is that you are so honest so we are really getting a true flavour of the task. It’s really impressive and you’re obviously working incredibly hard- I just hope you can have a rest day soon and maybe some Physio on your knee! Best wishes Henrietta ( Your Mum’s friend and also a GP!)


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  5. Thomas, “If it was easy, there would be women doing it” Love reading your stuff and I feel your pain , sitting here in an armchair the right side of a bottle of Burgundy or two! Seriously well done and we will be following you and cheering you on the whole way. May the wind always be at your back, and hopefully not yer father’s wind . Will,Charlotte and the family.

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  6. Great effort Tom. Don’t let your Dad slow you down too much on today’s ride. Really enjoying all of your updates, and wowing my colleagues with your progress


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