2018 & Beyond


During my fourth year in Loughborough (in between degree studies), I worked for a sports technology company – INCUS Performance. At the same time, I made the switch from competitive cycling to triathlon. I discussed this transition in one of my top blog posts – Triathlon: Part 1. That post covers my racing experience from start to finish, and possibly says just as much about ‘who I am’ as this page does. Leaving cycling, which remains the sport I hold closest, was a tricky and emotional decision, but it set me on a path that I am now absolutely loving.

Away from my own individual endeavours, working for INCUS taught me more than the previous three years of studying combined. Acting within a small technology start-up was insightful on so many levels. I found the intricacies of a growing business fascinating, and it was interesting to be involved in sport as an engineer rather than an athlete for once.

Following that year, was my final one in Loughborough. I went on to partner with INCUS for my dissertation (which centred around the application of their wearable technology in running), and I continued training for triathlon. Within a season marred by COVID, I was lucky enough to compete at one of the few races that went ahead – Ironman Tallinn. That was where I qualified for the 2021 Ironman Age Group World Championships.