2016 & Beyond


After cycling around the world, I started an engineering degree at Loughborough University. Whilst there, I also took up bike racing and began writing a book. My degree studies weren’t particularly out of the ordinary, however they did greatly impact these other two aspects of my life, and my time in Loughborough became a pivotal period.

Although I cycled a lot prior to my ride around the world, I’d never done so competitively. I discovered a completely new side to the sport when I started racing, and poured a lot of effort and emotion into it. I had some great experiences and met some wonderful people, but ultimately endured a frustrating time of it.

The book was a huge project for me. In my third year at university, it became my passion and my priority. The fact that it surpassed cycling was surprising even to me. I learnt to greatly appreciate the process and skill behind writing. Whether I became any good at it is for somebody else to decide, but I loved developing the ability to convey ideas with clarity.

Emu Racing and Record Chasing is the story of my trip around the world, but hopefully told in a unique way. The process took much longer and required me to work much harder than I anticipated, but I finished it truly proud of the result. More information about the book can be found here.

The engineering, the writing, and the racing all played a significant role in my life, and each of them impacted and influenced the other. I discovered more definitively than ever that there are only so many hours in a day.