Following Me

I’m currently planning on updating a fair few different platforms for people to follow me on. Whether I’ll be able to maintain this once cycling remains to be seen. Nonetheless, here are links to all my current social media thingys so feel free to browse. Most of them – much like this website – are still in early stages but will have more info once closer to departure.

WordPress: So this website is where I’ll be running my blog from. All you need to do is click here: Blog or on the bit above that says blog.

Strava:This is where I’m going to upload all the data from my daily rides as well as any rides I’ve done in the past. I think you need an account to properly view my page – but it’s free and not difficult to set up. My username is Tom Davies and I’m based in London, UK. I know a few people have had trouble finding me, but if you follow the link below, it should now take you straight to my page:

Link to my Facebook page here: or at the bottom of the page.

Twitter: @tomdaviesrtw

Instagram: tomdaviesrtw

I am carrying a tracker that enables me to be followed in real time on a computer screen – a facility provided by Track 24.  Only problem is that you have to log into it for which you need a log in and password.  If anyone is interested I suggest they get in touch with one of my parents (Huw or Alison) for the relevant details.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 07.26.49



  1. Good luck Tom, I’m very envious of the travelling (not so much of the cycling though!)
    Enjoy seeing the world, I’m sure you will, and hope you have a trip to remember

    Celia Lyon (went to school with your mum and dad, lived near your mum) x


  2. Well done Tom- My family and I are following you with great interest- it’s an amazing challenge and very inspiring!
    Henrietta- friend of your Mum’s


  3. Tom you are an inspiration to us all. We’ll be following you all the way. Keep on keeping on!
    Sending you lots of power, determination and love,
    Kate, Paul, James, Alex and Jess


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