Day 170 – Pons to Cholet

Not an overly straightforward day today; and rubbish service at lunch meant we finished late and has therefore meant that I am also very late now as well.

The ride today was good. Despite a few minor mishaps with the route heading off-road, it was enjoyable. I’m afraid I am beyond tired and my brain has decided that it doesn’t want to work tonight; so this’ll be quick.

I shall however finish on a couple of positive notes:
1 – I have four days to go, which is just ridiculous and something I really cannot get my head around
2 – All of those four days are shorter than today
3 – My knee is feeling much better *fingers crossed*. I have not really felt it at all since Lisbon which is a very welcome surprise. I’m not really sure what has brought this about but the only thing I have changed from America is that I have started taking Pomi-T… placebo effect? Perhaps, but either way, it’s good.
4 – As I mentioned, my brain isn’t functioning very quickly this evening so it’s good that I have company. Since I am struggling, Henry (my cousin) has kindly offered to help come up with something to write… he has said that I should end with ‘‘Henry is a legend’’… so there it is, cheers for the input Henry!

Distance: 125.6miles / 202.0km
Riding Time: 7:39:45
Av. Speed: 16.4mph / 26.2kph

5 Replies to “Day 170 – Pons to Cholet”

  1. Placebo or otherwise as long as it gets you across the finishing line, and as far as I am concern Henry is a legend in that he is assisting the Hero achieve his record.

    Now about these wind test I have been carrying out, well it’s to do with flags on poles, I have concluded after exhaustive testIng that what the flag does 5m up the pole has little relationship with what’s happening at ground level. I know this as a fact, having studied for the last 6 months as I cycle by said poles on my daily cycle, looking at said flags blowing in the wind on the way out, only to misguide me into the belief that I am going to get a helping hand on the way home, it does not happen. So there you have it, in order to take advantage of those winds we need taller bikes, come to think of it I have seen some tall bikes around Portland, they do look a little eccentric but maybe they have some merit.

    Back to business, a few more days and you will be wondering what on earth have you just put your mind and body through. I reckon your mum thinks by Sunday it will be job done, but I reckon she is going to need to give you a lot of TLC until you adjust back to (normal) life.


  2. Tom

    I don’t think it’s a placebo effect. I have taken Pomi-T for 6 months now and a left knee pain has virtually resolved. I could hardly run before – last saturday completed a 10 in 47min (a record). The manufacturers have received numerous emails from around the world saying the same thing.

    As a result I have been looking a the laboratory and clinical data for the anti-arthritis effects of the ingredients of Pomi-T and it appears, not only to have anti-inflammatory properties but strong antioxidant properties which protect the cartilage from oxidative damage.

    Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday



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