Day 100 – Mirboo North to Bairnsdale

100 days’ riding done.  Europe and India already feel like years ago. There have been a lot of miles since then and both of those legs feel like part of a completely different trip.

Today started off cold… very cold. For the first 30 kilometres I was riding through a very thick mist and this caused me to seriously misjudge how warm it would be when getting dressed this morning. The temperature dropped below 3 degrees for a while and wearing shorts was a fairly bold decision. My toes really suffered and after just over an hour I had to stop to get some feeling back into them and put on some thicker socks.

After the first two hours, it started to warm up and the rest of the day was probably the best weather I’ve had all week.

I’m now staying with family and am taking a day off.  So, once again, I probably won’t post anything tomorrow. Seems a bit ironic considering I’ll have more time than normal.

Distance: 104.5 miles / 168.1 km
Riding Time: 6:53:04
Av. Speed: 15.2 mph / 24.4 kph

PS. Chris – whilst dingoes can be found all over Australia they are most common in the parts I’m not going to (the North) so don’t hold your breath… And what’s the fuss about? Aren’t they just descendants from dogs that got fed up with their owners?

3 Replies to “Day 100 – Mirboo North to Bairnsdale”

  1. 100 days and look how far you have travelled, it’s mind blowing the distance, the physical and mental challenge is unmeasurable, I doubt Tom that you fully appreciate your endeavours to date, the truth is this is not something that is documented you are doing this as a conquest for the next poor sod to take on the challenge. Hats off to you matey massive admiration to you. Cheers Fraser


  2. enjoy your day off Tom, you deserve it. southern Australia is a beautiful part of the world, hope you’re spoilt so you can savour it!!


  3. Well done Tom. A ton up! Can’t quite get my head round the distance you’ve travelled. Enjoy the day off and chuck a prawn on the barby for me 🙂


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